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One of the main Dajan strengths is the quality of the service offered at very advantageous service cost levels.

Dajan services are characterized by:

High quality

Professionalism and experience

High specialization

Speed of responses to requests received from customers

In order to ensure this high level of services, Dajan continuously implement and improve the Quality Management System to aim at the following objectives:

Objectives related to Customers:

For Dajan the customer satisfaction means:

Objectives related to production:

The Company's profitability is at the basis of its own continuity. The Company seeks to maintain its profitability through:

Objectives related to the Personnel / Organization:

Employee satisfaction, understood as driver to improve Human Resources, is an essential factor for the development and excellence in business. Satisfaction understood as motivation is pursued through the following activities:

All this finds its implementation in the Company's Quality Management System that is considered as a fundamental Company’s instrument and vehicle.